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Recent Cases for Complementary Wimberley Veterinarian Services


Messages from Clients

Update on Lucy:

Her activity level has improved.  She rises earlier in the morning and stays more active outside during the day.  She seems to show less favor to the right shoulder, and moves more easily.  Her appetite has also improved.  She wants to eat much earlier in the day and bugs me for dinner!  Doesn’t need to be encouraged to eat as was the case before.  I recently started sprinkling both capsules of herbs on her food and she is eating her meal.  We’ll see how it goes before switching from capsules.  Thanks for improving her life! And ours!


My brother has an older labradoodle that will be here over Easter weekend.  Any chance for a session with his dog?  


He leap frogged back indoors after a quick bio break😊. Doubling up on green lip mussels. Formula hasn’t arrived yet. See you tonight👍


He barely moved until this morning. I had to drag him into bedroom on a doggy bed last night, but he got up this morning with minimal whining and is moving around fairly well today.

She did her thing where she rubs her face in my pillow and rolls onto her back. Been weeks since she did that. …
(Casey responded very well to acupuncture and herbal treatment for disk disease. )

Rollo is almost feeling too Good! Since our last appointment he has now started climbing/jumping the fence …
(Rollo has severe hip dysplasia and suffered an injury from an auto accident. )


We prodded him out to pee last night around 10:00, he peed forever. He was struggling. He didn’t move again until about an hour ago. He is up and moving now. He was able to do both kinds of business and is now wanting me to chuck his ball for fetching. When he gets up from his pit stops, he favors his left leg for a bit but then starts walking fairly normal….
(Toki suffers from chronic arthritis, especially in the rear legs. Also, he is not very receptive to acupuncture. )

I want to start taking Cody’s supplements. He has more energy than he has had in years! I feel so bad, that he went so long without your help. Thank you!
(Cody was almost thought to be getting too old to help!)


Great—thanks.  We have seen a marked improvement in Cia.  You can tell she feels much better.

(Another geriatric patient with two bad knees; ACL’s with degenerative joint disease)

Merry Christmas😊  BJ is doing well, but after the holidays he could use another tuneup .
(BJ is 16 years old and continues to live comfortably with occasional “tuneups” of acupuncture, herbal support and TLC from caretakers)

Recent Testimonial

“Dr. Ansley took care of our elderly cat, Lizzie, for several months. He came to our house every week to treat her with acupuncture and B12 injections for arthritis and other health problems. After every treatment Lizzie was remarkably improved. She could walk better and had more energy. Overall, his care improved the quality of the last months of her life. Dr. Ansley was always available for phone or text consults. Our family knew that he really cared about Lizzie.

In addition, he has treated our dog, Katie, who has an unusual health problem. She has suffered for two years with skin irritation and itching, but the Chinese herbs Dr. Ansley prescribed greatly improved her health.

I would recommend Dr. Ansley to any pet owner who has a pet with health problems. He will do extensive research to find ways to help your pet.”

– Debbie Clyburn


Recent case: Late winter, 2016

“White Kitty” is an 8 year-old neutered male Domestic Shorthair cat living exclusively indoors in north Austin. He was vomiting frequently and, following unremarkable radiographs of his chest and abdomen along with normal blood tests and urinalysis, was diagnosed as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). He had received several steroid injections and had his diet changed, but he would resume projectile vomiting as soon as the steroid “wore off”, usually after 4-8 weeks.

After interviewing the owner and  performing a TCVM examination (pulse, tongue and visual/temperature), “WK” was determined to have a TCVM pattern consistent with Stomach Yin Deficiency. It was agreed that, whenever possible, the owner, a busy young professional person, would feed “WK” fresh food, avoiding dry food, as it is very drying, causing internal heat which is the cause of the Yin Deficiency.

As “WK” is difficult to medicate, acupuncture and a single herbal formulation was given to rebalance the body’s Yin/Yang stasis. After several acupuncture sessions and a month of herbal medication, there appears to be resolution of the vomiting and a resumption of normal gastrointestinal function.

Our goal of avoiding repeated long-lasting corticosteroid injections appears to have been reached. He has accepted his twice daily medication as his owner has gotten more proficient and he has been feeling better. He will continue to receive fresh food and will be off herbal medicine once he is completely balanced again.

 Recent Cases: Summer 2018

“Dr Ansley, I have to say you and your lovely assistant (my wife, Judy) performed some powerful medicine here last Wednesday.  Buddy got back to normal, jumping on the counter, eating his food running during the walks.”  Buddy is a 10-year-old Standard Poodle who has been reluctant to eat while he is undergoing herbal therapy for a tumor in his tongue. His care-giver is commenting on his response to acupuncture, Vitamin B-12 injections at acupoints that are known to move Qi and relieve discomfort.

“Standing on her own for a couple of minutes. Thursday afternoon she walked shaky (one day after first acupuncture session), feet not always landing but moving in the correct motion to walk. This AM (three days after the start of treatment) the same for about 50 feet.” “She’s walking where she wants to go, although wobbly, if falls, pushes back and continues. Left side seems weaker.” (This is five days after first session.) This patient had gone over a week without any response to conventional medicine. 

“I wanted to give you an update on Luna. A few hours after the acupuncture treatment, Luna became noticeably more alert. He’s been fine, though sluggish before that. And today is the same. …it does seem quite noticeable to me.”  Luna is receiving treatment for a tumor; patients with tumors are nearly always Qi Deficient and can respond very nicely to acupuncture, followed by herbal medication to shrink or eliminate the tumor.

James R. Ansley, DVM, CVA

Wimberley Complementary Pet Care, PLLC