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Companion animals’ health and longevity have become ever more important to all of us who enjoy our pets. Advances in veterinary medicine have almost kept up with advances in the human field of medicine, helping our friends to live longer lives. Advanced surgery and specialized emergency veterinary care, as well as specialists in internal medicine, dermatology, oncology, neurology, etc., are all within an hour’s drive, either north or south. The help we can find for our pets is staggering, as well as the cost for some of these services.

Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) is one more tool to help our animal friends live longer, and more comfortably, without expensive medications and the accompanying, sometimes serious, side-effects of those drugs. Paradoxically, NSAIDs, drugs developed to help in controlling the pain of arthritis, have the tendency to injure the liver and/or kidneys, sometimes helping our pets’ discomfort but causing organ damage. TCVM uses a combination of acupuncture (dry needles, aqua puncture with B12, electro acupuncture) and herbal formulations aimed specifically at the pattern of the disorder as displayed by the patient to the practitioner. Spinal arthritis, disk disease, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, are all treatable without surgery or drugs with undesirable side-effects, like prednisone.

Most chronic conditions can be helped with TCVM. Skin disease, urinary and kidney disease, chronic liver disease, certain types of cancers and autoimmune/immunodeficiency disorders, as well as respiratory disorders are all imbalances that are treatable. The heat in central Texas is a strong pathogen, causing chronic changes to many of our pets; those changes can be rectified with patience and persistence, through TCVM. If you have a pet that you think could be helped by a “complementary” approach to their health by partnering with your current veterinarian, consider TCVM.