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Wimberley Veterinary Complementary Pet Care Services

Wimberley Complementary Pet Care, PLLC is offering veterinary services in Wimberley (and the surrounding areas) to individuals’ animals that may be experiencing untoward effects of Western/allopathic medications and therapies. In an effort to get these pets back “in balance with their environment”, Dr. Ansley is proud to offer safe, time-tested therapies and herbal formulae for nearly any diagnostic pattern.

Dr. Ansley has worked for years in veterinary practice, has seen patients which respond beautifully to medications that were once only dreamed of, and has witnessed the heart-ache of watching patients fail to respond, despite the best efforts of all of the involved care-givers. This last group, those who fall outside the “norm”, may be helped with ancient TCVM modalities and the acceptance of the place of those therapies in our pets’ lives.

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Dr. Ansley would prefer to make house calls, in order to see the patient in its own environment and to avoid any undue stress from a clinical setting.



Acupuncture is the most talked about Chinese therapy in this country, but the fact is that, while it is useful to begin the process of rebalancing an individual, the effects are often short-lived if herbal medications are not given to reinforce the desired results. An example would be using acupuncture to relieve the pain of degenerative joint disease (DJD) and failing to give the appropriate herbal formula to allow the patient to improve to a state of resolution.

An allopathic example would be giving chondroprotective food supplements in an effort to minimize NSAID exposure, thus sparing the kidneys and liver.

Herbal Formulae

Herbal formulae, which in most cases have been in use for hundreds, if not thousands, of years can replace very expensive drugs, avoiding the many side-effects that Western drugs often cause. Repeated steroid (cortisone) injections for skin allergies can actually cause gradual worsening of symptoms, resulting in bacterial infections and glandular dysfunction. Every skin disease is the result of either an invasion of external pathogens or internal pathogens. The severity of the disease reflects the depth of the disease process and the time that it is present will determine the response to treatment.

Food Therapy

Food therapy is almost always part of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). Oncology (cancer) patients are often dramatically improved when the diet can be adjusted to help achieve the desired pattern (cooling the body following chemotherapy that causes heat, for example.) Many chronic dermatologic (skin) patients respond more rapidly to acupuncture and herbal therapy after their diet has been changed to one that is more balanced for the pet’s environment.


This dog receiving electroacupuncture was in significant pain due to IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) before treatment.  He ultimately recovered fully!

Dog receiving electroacupuncture
Dog receiving electroacupuncture